Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Winging it, on a prayer!

I recently read something about a person with HIV who sought out a 'cure' from a chruch, and after being 'cured', died from AIDS. No fucking shit, Sherlock. What exactly were they expecting to happen?

If I were to pick one thing out of all the things wrong with religion that annoys me most, it'd be these retarded cult-esque 'churches' who claim to heal the sick. If there were any proof that an idiot waving his hands in your face and throwing some over glorified water in your eyes could rid you of an ailment don't you think that everyone would be trying it out? Somebody who is declared paralyzed from the waist down will not be healed by prayer and priest, they will ultimately spend the rest of their lives in that wheelchair, someone who is blind will not see again with faith, a person who has cancer will not get the all clear through wishes and fairy dust alone, if any of these people were to be healed it'd be through research, science and medicine, not an archaic belief based on a bunch of nonsense. I understand that people who attempt these miracle cures probably have nothing else to loose, medicine has failed them and why shouldn't they go for something that won't work, but may make them feel better? There's no harm in using a crutch to make life seem easier every now and then. However, when the people behind the 'Churches' are charging hundreds of pounds in order to do this trickery, that is where it becomes an inhumane, immoral con.

As much as I don't believe in God, or any religion, from what I understand, these people are not men of God, they are the complete opposite, they do not act in a way in which the church commands. Stealing money from the sick, issuing false promises, and denying some people of medicines, or preventative measures against disease are not Godly ways to act, fact!

Hmm, this sounds plausible, sign me up!  

I am all for people to believe whatever they want, if you want to believe that the earth is only here for our pleasure and that we all have a deserved place in the universe then go ahead, if you think a giant Spaghetti monster birthed us all, knock yourself out, if you think aliens from distant universes impregnated the earth and we all spawned from a volcano then be my guest, but come on people, be smart and if you are ill go to a qualified doctor and seek help rather than some backstreet conman who will rinse you of your money, cast a spell on you and heal you're broken spine and you will walk again! (although you may have to leave it a few days before you try to get out of your chair, because after all, your healer needs time to run away!)

We, as an advanced society, should stop believing in tales of old religious mumbo-jumbo and apply some logic to the way we see the world, search deep and research hard for an actual plausible 'meaning' of life, and if there isn't one, then so be it! We all have a limited time on this earth, we should learn to accept this, and just enjoy it. It's not how much time we have, it's what we do with it that counts! Be a freethinker, break out of the box and enjoy life for what it is, not what you want it to be!

Goodnight, and God bless.