Tuesday, 27 September 2011

ITV what you've done there..

I haven't been too hot on writing recently, hence the long period between this, and my last post.

However I've just seen that the IRA is trending on Twitter, and naturally, checked it out, and what I read made me laugh, a lot!

So, it seems those idiots at ITV, decided to make a documentary called "Gaddhafi and the IRA", or some shit, and within this epic piece of T.V mastery they show some footage which they have claimed to be actual video evidence of the IRA shooting down a British Army Helicopter, however, this footage turned out to be fake, and not only was it fake, it was footage from a fucking computer game!

The game, ArmA2, is a tactical shooter and loosely based on actual war. The game is set in that world renowned fictional region "The Chernarus", and involves various fictional conflicts.

What has made me laugh about this, is that the massive media clowns behind the Beeb, and ITV, often in documentaries or news articles, tell us, that one day the gamer will no longer know the difference between reality and the cyber world, and so it seems, they have blazed a trail, that none of us, with any degree of sanity, will follow!

I will put the link to the actual footage, and if you watch it and can't tell that it's from computer game, you need to go to the opticians and put in an order for one of those funky sticks, and a Lab quick smart!

Check it out.

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