Monday, 25 July 2011

There's Norway i'm going back to Rehab.

A few days ago, Norway was hit by a devastating terrorist attack, oh wait, I'm not allowed to call it that because the fella was white and Christian, so in that case, Norway was hit by an attack by some Aryan nutter, who looks like an evil villain from a Bond movie. He is responsible for the innocent murder of over one hundred people in a bomb attack in the center of Oslo and a mass shooting at a youth center campus on Utoeya island

However, just one day later we were informed that Amy Winehouse had "tragically" died from a delicious cocktail of Heroine, Cocaine, Ecstasy and Ketamine (Yummers!). Suddenly the shockingly quiet hive of public outcry that is Facebook came to life with status' like "OMG!!! AMY wINehouse RIP Leg-end! :( :(!" and I thought to myself, where was the shock and surprise when 100 innocent people were brutally slain a day previous in Norway? Please don't get me wrong, any death is sad and deserves some mourning, and for such a talent to destroy herself and die so early is, of course, slightly sad, but I feel that we have been let down by our celebrity obsessed culture whereby people feel it is more worthwhile to get upset over a drug addicted musician whose acts of self destruction weren't particularly shocking, than the mass murder of innocent children!

Amy Winehouse had a life just like those 100 people in Oslo did, and by rights deserves the same respect that they will receive, but I feel that people do not have their priorities straight. I feel that our generation are more concerned with what the celebrities latest diet is rather than politics and world affairs which will, ultimately affect us more! I blame the media as well for the idolization of crackhead singers and stick thin models. Certain newspapers would rather give more pages to the untimely death of a drug addict than to victims of a horrific and vicious attack! It's all wrong, we all need to sort it out. There are bigger issues in this world than a celebrity death and if we all shifted our focus, just slightly, we may wake up and see this, but for now, I fear nothing will change and the next idiotic star death will shock us all over again, and other, more important things will undoubtedly be overlooked. That is truly a shame.

I'd love to hear your opinions on this subject, whether you think Amy Winehouse is deserved of the media attention more so than the victims in Oslo, or not!


  1. Amy made a huge contribution to music (With that magical song writing and amazing voice) ... she made millions happy around the world, maybe getting someone through difficult time in their own life, you can't put a price on that.

    Almost 100 innocent people (Mainly youths) his very tragic and very sad - but people do not know of these people and they haven't contributed to making a difference in your personal life so it doesn't affect people with the same sadness. There was a shooting rampage in the States just yesterday at someone's birthday party where 2 were killed and many more injured, it got a small mention on the doesn't stop.

  2. Very good point! Thanks for your comment!