Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The Jetson's did it!

It's seems that mans long awaited dream may have finally come to fruition. Now I know most of you will have lay awake at night, unable to sleep because the thought of owning your very own flying car just won't stop bouncing around your cranium, but you no longer need to suffer, because as of next year you will be able to purchase the Terrafugia Transition craft for a measly £150,000! Bargain, huh?

Check it out.

That is beauty right there. Imagine cruising down to Dover in that, and when you get there flipping the switch and onward to France! Pure bliss. The fuel consumption isn't too bad either, 500 miles on a single tank! Which I don't think that's not too bad for an aircraft!

However, I feel there may be some vital drawbacks to this Jetson-esque contraption. I'm not too sure that you'd be allowed to simply take off and land wherever you felt like it, "oo, darling looks like the M25 is chocker-block today, fasten your seatbelt!", and I assume you couldn't just go and pick one up from your local car dealership and drive/fly out of there on a standard U.K driving license, you may need some kind of piloting experience, although don't quote me on that. Also, there are far too many people who do not know how to drive on the designated pathways we have in place already, let alone letting people loose in the skies, it'd be mayhem! If I had a choice i'd rather have a fender bender at 30mph on the ground than a mid-air collision some 10,000ft+ in the atmosphere, I think the latter would hurt a lot more, and God knows what kind of insurance policy you would need for that bad boy! If you were one of the unlucky ones who couldn't afford one of these and were still stuck on four wheels only getting air from over-sized speedbumps you would have to be a Hell of a lot more vigilant, not only looking left and right at junctions, but upwards too, just to make sure some nutter in a flying car isn't going to land on your head!

In a perfect world this machine would be, well, perfect, but I don't see it taking off somehow!

Looks like i'll just have to stick to my imagination!

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