Sunday, 12 June 2011

You've got to be Kidneying me?

Chinese teenager sells kidney for an Ipad

Did anybody see this story a little while ago? My lord, did it make me laugh!

This 17 year old fool kid, named Xiao Zheng, sold his damn kidney on the black market for £1,825, and if you ask me that's a fucking bargain! I've got to cash in on that, where the hell do I sign!?

Upon returning home with his brand new Laptop and Apple Iphone in tow (Yes Iphone, he didn't even get his precious Ipad!), his mother, suspicious of where the money to buy them had come from, quizzed him. Only to be told "Mum, i've sold my Kidney". What was he thinking? Did he think she'd laugh it off and go "Oh, you're are a silly boy, naughty naughty"? Obviously, this was not how she reacted, she called the po po in on his arse. To make things even better, when the police tried to call the middleman who arranged it all, surprise surprise, his bloody phone was off! Shocking, eh?

I think he may have taken the saying "Man, Ipads are to die for" too literally, I know Apple products are pretty cool and if you haven't got one you are seriously missing out, apparently, but I do not know anyone who would sell a body piece in order to obtain one!

Imagine the horror, when, potentially, his Father or Mother were to need a vital kidney transplant and he was the only available doner? Having to tell your own parents that they were going to have to die because you were too ignorant and self absorbed and sold one of yours already to buy a damn phone! I, for one, wouldn't want to be in that hospital room that's for sure!

I would maybe consider selling a finger (The little one, mind!) for a house or something of real significance, but not an Iphone! I mean, come on, those things will be out of date in a few months, and you'll be left with a shit phone, and one kidney! Smooth fucking move! Save some room at NASA, because this guy is a serious genius!

I wonder how much money Mr Zheng got for his brain, because he certainly doesn't seem to have one! Psst Xiao, maybe you could sell your other kidney to buy one of those bad boys? Just a thought..

Sweet scar, by the way!

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