Sunday, 26 June 2011

Thomson begs to be dropped to youth team.

So, Hearts footballer Craig Thomson, 20, has kept his position at the Scottish club despite being placed on the sex offenders list earlier this month. There's something wrong here is there not? I just can't seem to put my finger on it.

He was convicted and fined £4000 for 'indecent behavior' towards two girls aged 12 and 14 over the internet.

So, not only is he a sex offender he is a paedophile!

The retards at Hearts have kept him on, as there were 'mitigating circumstances that assures his conduct would not be repeated', oh yeah, I forgot about that bit of legal legislation. "Officer, I promise I'll never drink and drive again if you let me keep my license...and my beer!".

I've never heard of such nonsense, it's disgusting!

Saying that, what do you expect? Footballers are, after all, a higher life form than us mere peasants and are exempt from most laws in Britain. I think I may need a change of career, I mean, I can mis-control a ball, completely miss an open goal and break the law with the best of them!

Craig has issued an official apology on the club's website where he states that he is 'truly sorry' to have 'let everyone down'. I don't think that those burly Scottish fans can except that, somehow.

Anyone who is convicted of a sex crime, especially one aimed at children should not be allowed to keep their job, no matter what profession you are in.

I suppose he can't be too much of a threat to children at Hearts though, considering kids don't look up to shit players.

This is appalling, what next? "Gary Glitter does show at Thai McDonald's"?

Children's charity Children 1st have called for him to be sacked, and I am with them on that one! I wish him all the best.. cleaning streets!

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  1. The legendary Harold Monkeyflid26 June 2011 at 16:50

    Just like David Goodwillie (granted with a name
    Like that it's more acceptable). It's a well known fact footballers have carte Blanche to do what they want