Sunday, 19 June 2011

Rabbi, dabby, doo!

A Jewish judicial court have ordered the stoning of a stray dog, who is believed to be possessed by the spirit of a lawyer who once offended the judges.

The dog entered the courthouse a few weeks back, and refused to leave. So then these extremely smart individuals figured it had to be a demon dog, and therefore should be stoned to death. What? It sounds plausible to me!

The spirit that was said to be haunting the poor doggy was that of a Lawyer who died 20 years prior to the event, but had to be the spirit causing all the bother because the judges had once said that the Gods would 'condemn his body to a dogs'.

This could only happen within a religion. It's so mental, it's unreal! It is even rumoured that one of the judges, obviously more cowardly than a dog, asked local children to carry out the sentence.

Luckily, the crafty mutt managed to escape shortly before the sentencing! Which is fantastic as well, not only were these idiots trying to condemn a dog to death, they were doing it to one that wasn't even present! Round of applause for those gents please!

It does make you think, that if they are stupid enough to pass ridiculous punishments out to dogs, then what else are they getting away with when it comes to dealing with humans? "Mary, you're going to have to die because you ate a cake that wasn't yours, and Hitler once ate a cake, so... yeah.. "

This world has truly gone mad.

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