Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Nice day for a muddy Reading.

Just how many festivals are there these days? There's absolutely millions of them it seems. Leeds, Reading, V, Bestival, Glastonbury, Hard Rock Calling, Wireless etcetera!

I've done the festival experience once, and quite frankly found it to be one of the most irritating, uncomfortable and tiring things I've ever done. First of all, you pay an absolute fortune to go to one of these places for the weekend, just to camp in a tent in a saturated field with thousands of over people and reach a feral state of hygiene towards the end of it. You stand around all day with nothing really to do, until the bands start playing and then you are forced to stand up for hours watching bands who you probably don't like anyway.

Then there's the queue for beers, and food. They are relentless, they cease to stop! I'm not really a fan of queuing anyway, but when standing in a line with strangers to buy a beer or burger for £5, it really gets my back up! More than likely your beer will get knocked out of your hand by some pilled up moron as soon as you've bought it anyway!

By far, the worst aspect of a festival has to be the toilets, or cesspits. Huge metal boxes on stilts above a colossal pool of excrement and piss! They expel a stench that would give a mass grave a run for it's money. No amount of sanitary wipes could kill whatever life which is harboring on the seat (if there is one). The toilets are pure and utter filth, and practically put me off for life!

There are plus sides to festivals, such as, seeing some decent bands, and meeting decent people, but in all honesty the best part of a festival experience for more was, going home!

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