Friday, 17 June 2011

Hello, want to rape me?

On the 11th of June 2011 the sluts were out in London town. There were thousands of them in Hyde Park. By 'sluts' I am, of course, talking about the Slut Means Speak Up! anti-rape and sexual assault protest group, who stand by the extremely "radical notion that nobody deserves to be raped".

I, for one, am with them 100%. The main reason for the march on the 11th of June, was to oppose that absolutely mental belief that some people have in their heads, that women "deserve what they get" due to the way they are dressed. I think that that belief is absurd! Just because a woman would go out wearing slightly revealing clothing does not give anybody the right to lay their hands upon them, or put any part of their body into theirs without consent, or am I just being ridiculous?

Does that mean that if I wear a Manchester United football kit out today, then I will be playing for Fergie next season? Or, if I don a pair of camouflaged trousers means I will be drafted into Afghanistan and forced to kill the Taliban? Of course not!

We all have that very basic right, you know the one.. a human right, to wear and say as we please so, tell me if you can, who are we to question somebodies choice of clothes or words?

Let me, if you will, outlay one point to counter. It could be argued that woman do not necessarily need to dress so provocatively, and that having all your flobbidy bits out on show probably does attract a certain amount of negative attention, and this unwanted attention from some of the nutjobs in this world, potentially could culminate in some sort of sexual assault, but even then it is in no way the woman's fault that a man wants to forcibly advance upon her because of the clothes she chooses to wear.

I do, however, feel that some woman wear skimpy, revealing clothes as a excuse for more attention but understand that others choose this attire to feel sexy, and feel better about themselves and not for any other reason. I think that woman are beautiful and would urge them not to put themselves an unnecessary risk of injury, and let males love you for your personality, your eyes, your hair and not just for the boobs, body and legs you have!

I'd love to hear other people opinions on this matter, and I do hope that I am not alone in my beliefs.

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