Saturday, 25 June 2011

Frank Turner'd my life around.

I've just bought Franks Turner's latest album: " England Keep My Bones " and I must say it's excellent, as expected!

Frank Turner's music speaks to me on a very personal level, I absolutely love it. The mixture of Folk, punk and refreshing raw emotive lyrics is just perfect.

Unlike many musicians, Frank Turner writes and sings about very ordinary, everyday scenarios. This is a welcomed relief in this day and age where everyone is so obsessed with their self centered materialistic objectives, dreaming of money, cars and bitches. Frank Turner's music teaches you to appreciate the life you have, not for what you could have. His outlook on life, love and death may seem bleak at a first listen, but grow maturely from there on after. If you take the time to listen, and I mean really listen, and try to put his lyrics into your own life, you will find that they are not drab, dreary and depressing but relevant, thought provoking and magically captivating.

I urge anyone who reads this to buy his latest album, and obtain his older albums such as " Sleep is for the week ", and " Love, ire and song ". If you like pure and honest music that reaches out of the speakers, grabs you and never leaves your brain then he is the musician for you.

His music will perforate your brain, and change the way you live your life, as it did for me! How many artists can you say that about, eh?

Take the time to watch the video below, this song is especially personal to me. It is about losing somebody close to you, but realising that life has to go on.


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