Thursday, 23 June 2011

Festival loo-natic.

Following on from my earlier rant about festivals, I've just read a rather disturbing yet strangely amusing story in today's 'Metro'.

A crackpot pervert thought to be a vagrant named only as 'Sky' was found hidden under a tarpaulin deep in the shit-tank under one of the porta-loo's at this years Hanuman Festival.

This failure of life was hidden there hoping to get a glimpse of people answering the call of nature.

When discovered and ordered to come out he was said to be wearing no shirt nor shoes and covered in Human excrement.

Police were unable to arrest the suspect on the scene and this scatman evaded capture and made off, still half naked and covered in shit, nice! The authorities say he is wanted on suspicion of 'unlawful sexual contact'...suspicion, what? "Sorry officer, I fell down the hole and thought I'd stay for a while, it's quite warm in here!" this dude's obviously guilty as sin.

It begs the question, how far would you go to get your kicks? I certainly wouldn't brave the stench and more importantly, several life threatening diseases of a cesspit just for a cheeky gander at a urinating woman or defecating man, quite frankly its disgusting, yet a quietly entertaining story. There are some strange, strange people in this world, oh, and you won't be surprised to read that 'Sky' is American.


  1. Hiding in the tank of a portable toilet! Has he never seen “The Hills have Eyes 2″?

  2. I've never seen that film either, what happens? Lol

  3. Mutants attack a camp of scientists and one guy is badly cut up and is found barely alive stuffed into the tank of a portable toilet. He soon dies of toxic shock syndrome. It's all REALLY gross! :)

  4. Sounds utterly disgusting! I will check it out though! :)