Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Abortion, yay or nay?

The other night, in the pub, I was involved in a rather deep, and intense conversation with my friend about a very controversial, and touchy subject. So I thought I'd share my thoughts with anyone who cares to read it.

The topic which we were speaking of, was the big 'A', the life altering taboo that is 'abortion'.

We were discussing many aspects of this, such as, whether it's okay to abort a unborn fetus, if certain circumstances make it better or worse to have one, and at what stage does a fetus become a 'life'.

Let me start by stating, that I am pro-choice. I believe that it is a woman's right to decide to have a baby or not, however I do have a slightly hypocritical view on this and that would be down to the nature which the baby was conceived in and what quality of life said baby would be born into.

If the mother is at a stage where they can support another life within theirs, then I do not think abortion is necessary. If they were stupid enough to not use contraception and become pregnant then abortion is not necessary. If the baby has de-formalities found later on in pregnancy then abortion is not necessary. Just because you don't want a baby when you can support it financially, and mentally an abortion would just be selfish. *This is my opinion, please don't get too offended.

I believe that if a woman is raped and is then wrongfully impregnated with the spawn of an evil-doer, then why should she not be allowed the right to not give birth to a baby that when born, although she'd love it to death, she would still be reminded of how they were conceived, in hatred and violence, rather than love and happiness?

I also think that if the mother and/or father are not responsible enough (and by this I do not mean age wise) to bring up a baby then they shouldn't have one. If the mother is a crackhead and father a drunk, then what is that babies quality of life going to be? Yes, they could grow up to be the next manager of England, or the next Shakespeare but what is more likely, is that they are going to grow into the habitat where they have been born! I, for one, would rather have not experienced life than to live one that is filled with the hardships you'd witness living like that. Struggling for money to support a drug habit, stealing, fighting, hunger, sadness, a loveless home and extinguished morals.

The gift of life is fantastic, and a joy to experience, and some would argue that it is wrong to deny that gift to anyone, but I ask, can a fetus who has never experienced something really be missing out? This then raises another question, and that is 'at what stage does a fetus become a life', this is the hardest part of the abortion debate because everyone will have different opinions. My friend believes that life is created upon the sperm making a connection with the egg, and therefore life has been made and from this point onward an abortion would be wrong. I, on the other hand, believe that although the fetus is in the process of becoming a baby, it is not yet a life until it could stage a fighting chance of living outside of it's parasitical state in the womb, be it by machines or without. You wouldn't plant a seed and one day later dig it up and call it a rose, would you?

As I mentioned earlier, it is without doubt a woman's right to decided whether or not to terminate their child. This would be a hard enough decision without the pressure of peers and public judging her. Like these people in America who stand outside the clinics holding placards saying things like "murderer" and other slander. It is an utter disgrace that they feel like the guilting a woman into changing her mind will make anything better, then instead of their being a happy woman, there could potentially be a very unhappy woman, and equally as sad little baby.

What do you think on this topic? I'd love to hear you're opinions in the comment section below, be honest, be brutal, be anonymous, I do not mind.


  1. I didn't make it to the controversy about the foetus development. I am appalled that you think that a woman with money and no drug addiction should not have access to abortion if she was stupid enough to have unprotected sex.
    Being stupid, but straight with a job and a "stable" life does not make you ready to have a kid. Boy, the adoption process would be so quick under your government! Also, a man can be stupid enough to do the same and never suffer any consequence?
    I understand your chain of thoughts but I think CHOICE means CHOICE, even when it is to repair your own mistake.

  2. Thankyou for your comment.

    Maybe I didn't put it quite the way I wanted, I didn't mean that they shouldn't have a right to it, I just think that it's not necessary.

    Circumstances should take preference to dictate an abortion. I am aware it's not a willy-nilly decision, and it's certainly not made lightly, so any woman who chooses to abort a baby has given it long and hard thought and should not be denied the choice to have a burden placed upon them for the rest of their lives.

    I agree that a man can be equally responsible for their actions, and of course no consequence will come from it apart from having an unwanted baby, but it is ultimately the females choice, and I respect that it is a choice, and would prefer it to stay that way.

    I am sorry if I 'appaled' you, but as I said it's only an opinion, and I wouldn't expect nor like it if others had the same view.

    I am thankful for your feedback. :)